Shade Sail Repairs

SoCal Shade Sails now offers a full scale Sail repair service! We can repair most tears, seams, corners, cable, hardware and holes depending on the size and location:

Free Shipping

We use only commercial grade sail cloth

Repairs done within 2 business days

Mobile repair service

Tenara thread (UV protection)

Remove and replace your sail

We can replace any and all stainless steel hardware

Stainless steel cable

Stainless steel hardware

For out of area customers you will simply need to pack up your sail and ship it to us. In some cases we can do a local pick up.

To start your repair quote please contact us at or call us Toll Free at 1.800.230.6751


Our Shade Sails offer terrific shade for both residential or commercial property landscapes, creating the perfect, breezy oasis when the sun just gets too hot. You’ll love that our Shade Sails, manufactured from top-quality, high-tensioned fabric, are precisely shaped to the exact dimensions of the area you’d like to protect.


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