Client Testimonials

Hello, i just wanted to tell your company that I was very happy that I bought my 10x 13 shade sail from you. I installed it on my big back wooden deck. It is the bomb. I have tried a couple of ideas of overhead coverage with no luck. Then I tried your product. I leave it up 24/7. It can stand the north coastal high winds and rain. So in the morning when I go out on my wooden deck to look at the Pacific ocean and drink my coffee after a storm has past by. I get to enjoy my life of outdoors by watching the birds eat and the squirrels run around with protection over my head. My wife and my german shephard are also very happy with it and they are enjoying it too. Thanks for selling a great product. I will continue to tell my friends and family about your GREAT product. I have had it up since May 30th, 2010.Thanks for the good living.

Gary A from Paciifca, California.

We are pleased to announce that the Hines La Jolla Commons Parking Structure project has been nominated to win a Building of America Award and will be featured in the upcoming Real Estate & Construction Review- Southern California Edition. The publication is highly utilized by State, County and City Economic Development groups to highlight the vitality of their respected communities. Each project featured will show how it is making a difference for its community. Construction Communications works closely with each region’s cities, counties, major associations and organizations, developers and project teams to ensure the top projects are covered in each regional Real Estate & Construction Review. Each project is portrayed in a very positive manner, with the case study covering what makes each innovative and unique. Every project is chosen for its editorial merit and benefit of the readers; there is no charge for projects being included, and no one can pay to have a project included.

Rey Navarro ARB Structures, Inc.


Our Shade Sails offer terrific shade for both residential or commercial property landscapes, creating the perfect, breezy oasis when the sun just gets too hot. You’ll love that our Shade Sails, manufactured from top-quality, high-tensioned fabric, are precisely shaped to the exact dimensions of the area you’d like to protect.


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